We want to teach as many citizens as possible how to save a life with Chest-Compression-Only CPR.  There are multiple ways to experience #CPRsavesVR.

You can experience #CPRSavesVR and be immersed in a true-to-life 911 call with a VR viewer like Oculus, Google DaydreamHTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR, or your own Google Cardboard.  

You can also watch and share via Facebook with most tablets or smartphones without a viewer.      

CPRSavesVR was inspired by a real cardiac arrest where Heidi saved John’s life by calling 911 immediately, doing Chest-Compression-Only CPR, and not stopping until the fire department arrived.  These are the three steps that we are going to teach you through immersive true-to-life scenario is designed for you to experience a situation virtually with the hopes that if you are ever faced with an actual situation, you will be prepared.  

Here are the instructions to use our Google Cardboard #CPRsavesVR viewer.

You can launch #CPRsavesVR here.   Make sure your YouTube application opens.