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Lacey Fire District 3 and Thurston County Medic One want to teach you Chest-Compression-Only CPR. Click ‘Launch VR’ to watch #CPRsavesVR on your viewer or device.

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Our goal is to prepare citizens for the unexpected challenge of witnessing a cardiac arrest. The truth is, it’s scary to do CPR. The stress and anxiety it produces may cause you to hesitate in an actual emergency. We’re going to get you ready, and we’re going to do it in virtual reality.

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Call 911, Push Hard & Fast, Don't Stop Until We Take Over

CPRsaves VR is Chest-Compression-Only CPR class in a box.

CPRsavesVR is a public outreach initiative developed out of the need to educate citizens on how to perform chest compression-only CPR properly in the event of a witnessed cardiac arrest. Nearly 80% of cardiac arrests happen in the home. As emergency response workers, we know the first person to help in a cardiac arrest emergency will be a citizen. If we can train our citizens to engage in chest compression-only CPR before we arrive, the victim of the arrest is 50% more likely to survive the event. Our Thurston County EMS system already has one of the world’s highest rates of cardiac arrest survival. Through rigorous training, new science, and dedicated crews, we have achieved a nearly 60% survival rate, with a national average being just 9-11%. There is one step missing to get our rates even higher, and this is why Lacey Fire District 3 and Thurston County Medic One is seeking your partnership today.

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